Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

wrong end of the stick again

Tyop of the day: my college advisor is not actually required to storm any large building in any part of the British Isles, much less the type I specified in my last e-mail to him. "Take caer": totally unnecessary. Cancel that order.

I woke up to the sound of a neighbor dog barking. I could smell that our dog was in her bed -- I could hear that our dog was in her bed -- but I still for some reason found it necessary to get up and wander downstairs to make sure the dog was not co-locating. I actually found myself pondering how to get the two to merge again if she was. (timprov: "She's not the Kwisatz Poodlerach." This is true.) At least I'm no longer regularly waking up having dreamed quite vividly that the doorbell was ringing because one of my friends had turned up on the doorstep in trouble. (None of my friends has actually turned up on the doorstep in trouble at 4 a.m. But apparently some part of my brain considers it likely.) And at least I was able to go back to bed after I'd determined that the dog was only in one place and likely to stay that way.

This afternoon, I have a consultation with an oral surgeon about removal of my two remaining wisdom teeth. I am not going into this with the most open-minded attitude about this oral surgeon -- specifically, my dentist has given me the impression that he prefers to work with general anaesthetic, and I prefer not to go under general anaesthetic, and our dental insurance is not particularly biased towards this oral surgeon. So if we don't come to a meeting of minds on this, it's okay. Still, taking time out in the middle of the afternoon to drive to Edina over wisdom teeth that could have been taken last summer and saved me trouble is not my favorite thing, one might say.

Yesterday I ended up in a pretty foul mood about my own prose. I'm hoping things go better today. Maybe I'll work on something new and not just revisions, revisions, revisions.

Oh, and one more thing: sometimes people don't do things because they think they're good or fine or morally neutral. Sometimes people do things because they think they can get away with it, even something they know isn't good, fine, morally neutral, whatever. It's true that many -- most -- people aren't villains in their own heads. But people do things they know are bad or wrong. I don't think it's a good idea to assume that someone thinks something is moral just because they did it. I'm as fond of textured, multi-dimensional villains as the next girl, but sometimes they can be textured and multi-dimensional and still know that destroying the universe* or whatever piece of villainy they're trying is not okay.

*Say it with me, kids: "Destroy the universe? Gosh, I hope not! That's where I keep my stuff!"
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