Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

After the con

I had a good MiniCon. The full, probably overly lengthy, con report will be here when it's done. Right now I'm overwhelmed enough with all the dealing with people that I've been having moments when writing a journal entry is too social for me, and I have to run off and do something very quiet and very still in the next room. It was a good con, but I am not an extrovert.

Last week I:
--wrote another 2K of NTMB, plus half a scene during a panel Saturday, don't know how long that is as it was longhand
--edited some more of Reprogramming, substantially and with more to come and I'm starting to get motivated on this one
--worked on "Even Without Deceit" (in the same sequence as "MacArthur Station" and "Glass Wind" and "Rest Stop," for those of you who have been following along

Rejections last week: one and a half. The actual rejection from Argosy came, but I'd already sent that story back out after they'd posted their notice. Acceptances: zero.

What is it lately? Did I just hit everybody at the wrong time? I know that selling short stories will diminish my pool of short stories out there and thus make for fewer responses, but I've been writing new ones again. (And it's largely been the new ones that are coming back, the ones I've sent to Alchemy and F&SF. The old ones languish.)

Okay, I have hit my "too social" time limit again. I'm going to get myself fed and showered and spend some quality time with someone else's book. And do the million and one things necessary before we get our three overnight guests and somewhere between thirteen and fifteen dinner guess tomorrow night. Thankfully I'm not cooking for everybody; we're having Ethiopian takeout in. Now if only Mark's company doesn't suddenly stick him on a plane....
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