Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of August 20-26

One rejection. Ahh, WorldCon. Diminisher of posts to my friendslist and my mailbox alike.

timprov and I binged on Veronica Mars Season 2 episodes this morning, and I would be extremely surprised if there wasn't more of the same in the future when we're both awake. I still love this show. I think I love it in DVD format, though; I'm pretty sure it would drive me even more crazy to be waiting a week between episodes than to be waiting a year between DVDs. It's still making me laugh and bounce and make incoherent noises of rightness and equally incoherent noises of being gut-punched. I love this show with the rabid fangirl love. Even though it never has enough Weevil.

(And again: very plotty show, so I appreciate people not putting spoilers in comments. I consider it my own responsibility to avoid, say, reading TWoP or other episode descriptions or larger series-level discussions, but having people deliberately tell me plot points in advance is different. You all were great about this with Season 1. Thanks.)

It's probably just as well that timprov's and my sleep schedules aren't more synchronized this weekend, because there are, in fact, other things in the world to do. Some of them worthwhile and important, even.

(Still: I love this show.)

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