Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Fridayish stuff

So, stuff:

We have phone and internet consistently again now. This is good. I like this whole "contact with the outside world" thing sometimes. I was able to call for Indian takeout from my cell last night, though. Once again, the joys of living in the future present themselves! And St. Pete did not get hit by another tornado, despite the preliminary reports I was hearing when I turned on the weather last night. That freaked me out a bit. I'm keeping myself from hamstering around the web looking for pictures of Kasota -- I don't need to relive that particular season of my life. Just the Strib article about the Kasota tornado will be enough. (It's not that I'm scared of tornadoes now any more than any sensible person is scared of tornadoes. But thinking about their aftermath is more likely to make the bottom drop out of my stomach than it used to.)

timprov's new neurologist is just as awesome as he was when he was my old neurologist. He's the one who enumerated the reasons why he thought epilepsy was a bad diagnosis for me (in a nutshell: because I don't have it, actually), and as a result we kept looking and found my actual health problems rather than just caving in and starting a medication that could have caused lovely side effects without even having particularly beneficial primary effects for me. In addition to doing hopeful, good, worthwhile stuff for T., he told stories about his time as a GP for the Inuits, and he wrote down a couple of book references. I'm pretty sure he's going to own a copy of Farthing within a week, probably this weekend.

(I realize that having good taste in books, or flexible taste in books, or, y'know, any taste in books at all is not an objective measure of being a good doctor. But I feel better when the people who are poking at our brains seem to have some clue of what we might want to use them for and why.)

It's cool and grey and rainy here, not like August at all. I suspect that August is trying to make up to me for last August. It's still my least-favorite month, but at least this year it's making faces like it might start Septembering any minute now, which is very good indeed. Also I hit a section of pavement that smelled like the section of pavement just inside Hyde Park. Sometimes having a scent-memory this detailed is not an unmitigated blessing, but that time was nice.

I will be walking the beastlet and working on Sampo and maybe reading my new Kate Wilhelm novel. (Still no DVDs in the mail, but the day is still young.)

And markgritter gets home tonight, and I am very happy about that. We're getting on much better in his absence than we were when I was sick, but, y'know, I still do intend to keep him, and I appreciate him being around to be kept.

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