Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

They're ba-ack.

markgritter went to Walgreen's for my prescription and a humidifier and to Byerly's for wild rice soup (mostly soft and easy to swallow, and now we have leftovers, so if my throat is still like this tomorrow I can choose among wild rice soup, egg drop soup, and the ever popular Roo-dubbed Bob Doup). Guess what the cough suppressant is?

That's right! The yellow spheres of death! Only this time they're ellipsoids. This is the stuff that says "Do not crush or chew." On my previous prescription of it, back when I broke my ribs coughing and lost a bunch of weight from my current norm and all that, the full reading was, "Do not crush or chew; may cause sudden death."

I told people that. I put it in my journal. But when I mentioned it later, Scott got really mad at me for not making it clear that I wasn't joking. Now, I ask you, people: how often do I joke about sudden death with you? When is the last time? This happens to me a lot: people think I'm joking, and I'm flat-out serious. It doesn't help that with people I don't know very well, I fall very easily into Scandosotan flat affect/delivery. But Scott knows me very well. Scott has known me for fourteen years now, and considering that I'm only twenty-six and he's only twenty-seven, that's awhile. So I really don't think he should have gotten all mad at me on the phone later. I told him about the death thing. Not like the time I actually did almost die and actually didn't tell Michelle about it. She had reason to get mad.

So anyway, it's a familiar Yellow Sphere O' Death, and I know that when it says "may cause dizziness," it means it.

In other news, gargling with salt water is in every way nasty and hurts to boot. Bah. But I had nice soft avocado with my soup and will have ice cream later. And I'm being a good girl and drinking fluids. I have my momma's voice in my head going, "Hydrate! Hydrate!"
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