Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Um, yay?

Yesterday I got stubborn about calling electricians. We have had a hot tub not-hooked-up on the back porch for too long. This morning one of the electricians called back: could he stop by to do the estimate in about fifteen minutes? Sure, we said. He was here in five. He's starting work tomorrow morning, and he's charging significantly less than the not-calling-back guy estimated, and the stuff he says is necessary makes sense (putting the other outlets in the room on GFI circuits) rather than sounding totally arbitrary and weird.

I'm a little dazed that this actually worked. timprov says, "You feel like you charged headfirst into the breach and found the door open?" Yah. That. Now I have to get some lunch in me so I can go down to the Saturn dealership and have them make sure my car's not going to break soon. I've finished Disco for the Departed, so I'll need a couple new books to bring with me, and probably a new paper journal, too. And some fruit leather. I travel prepared.

Hot tub hot tub hot tub! Woooo!

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