Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Dubious holidays

I get myself in more trouble because of kids.

(cue "Alice's Restaurant" guitar part here)

It was a year and a half ago at New Year's, and I was visiting the Cities before we moved home, before we even knew we could move home, although we were already hoping pretty hard. markgritter had to go back to work, but it was actually cheaper for me to spend a week in Minneapolis after my week in Omaha and my week in Milwaukee. Darn. So timprov and C.J. and I were down at Heather and Dave's. Ceej had been given a long scroll two-year calendar with cartoon kittens or something on, and as he is not the sort to adorn his walls with cartoon kittens, he passed it on to Miss Siri Ann, who was not quite five years old.

Well, in her playing with me, Miss S. A. Orser discovered that the rolled up calendar made an excellent tool for beating Mrissa's butt. And I removed it from her with a patter of joshing her, saying things like, "What is this? Is it Beat Mrissa's Butt Day? Show me on this calendar where it says Beat Mrissa's Butt Day!" And so with many giggles we unrolled the calendar, and I demonstrated that January 3, 2003 (or whatever the date was) did not carry a Beat Mrissa's Butt Day annotation. So Siri flipped the calendar over and stabbed a finger at it at random. "There! That's Beat Mrissa's Butt Day!"

Dave and C.J. whipped out their Palm Pilots to make the note: August 10, 2004. Beat Mrissa's Butt Day. Thanks, guys.

And it had all gone happily forgotten, with a crash of C.J.'s happy little electronic device, until Dave's Palm beeped to remind him that Beat Mrissa's Butt Day is only a week away.

Ahhhhhh, technology.

So this is your chance. If you want to Beat Mrissa's Butt, it had better be August 10, 2004, or not at all. This is not an annual holiday, nor will there be any belated celebrations. But I'm hoping to feel enough better by then to let a small personage through the door at least. Because Siri would be awfully disappointed if we set the date and she didn't get to celebrate.

If I was any more of a sucker, I'd have a Tootsie Roll center, that's what I have to say about that.

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