Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

The teraphim speak up.

The post from my ToCmate swan_tower reminded me that the new issue of Aberrant Dreams is up, with my story Silent Teraphim right there in it.

I tried to write three or four different disclaimers, but the truth I have to say here is: it's a story. It is a fantasy story. It is not attempting to convert anyone to any kind of theism, any more than Sampo is meant to make you go digging under hills in northern Finland or Dwarf's Blood Mead is to convince you that you ought to cut people to bits for Odin. (People who have read DBM are now snickering up their sleeves at the very thought.)

And it's also actually got a love story. Written by me. With a love story in it. That I wrote.

I am at least as confused as you are, I assure you.
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