Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Today's agenda

Here is how today goes:

1) Write something.
2) Decide it is stupid.
3) Delete it.
4) Repeat.

This applies, apparently, to fiction, to lj posts, and even to thank-you notes. I have never written drafts of thank-you notes before. This is ridiculous. This is just too much.

I think I am going to write an e-mail to Grandpa Lyzenga, because Grandpa Lyzenga loves me even when I am stupid. After that I have no idea what. Probably I will take out my paper journal, which is specifically designed to have pages that do not tear out and do not accept pencil well, and then I will have to write things down that cannot go away even if they are stupid. And then maybe they will give up and stop being so stupid.

(I know, I know. This post is stupid. I'm leaving it up anyway, dammit.)
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