Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Party, the aftermath

If you like more than a handful of people, you're never going to get everyone you like at your birthday party. So I think a good party is when you only wish so-and-so was there at specific times -- most of the time you're too busy enjoying the people who actually are there, and it's only when you find yourself saying, "Oh, that's great! You have to tell Heathah this story, where's Heathah? Umm. Heathah is on vacation. Never mind," or else, "This pie greatestofnates brought is fantastic! Zed needs to have a piece -- wait, Zed doesn't live in this time zone. Oops."

And that is the kind of party I had last night: wish I could have seen some of you there, but I was heartily glad to see the ones who did come.

Also the brownies disappeared. I will remember this: people snarf my brownies. Got it. (Also, wine goes much faster if you a) leave the cabinet open so they can see where to get the wine glasses and b) wander around waving a bottle of wine every once in awhile. Otherwise people will just dive into the vat of soda and beer.)

Also I had never had a party declared a no-pants zone before last night. So that was a first. (The few pants-wearers did not follow spuddragon's edict, but still, as edicts go, it was a first. He threw his clothes on the floor and shouted, "NO PANTS!" Happy birthday to me, naked baby on the loose!)

markgritter and timprov were neither of them feeling up to coming down to have much party, so missista was more than a bit nervous: all sorts of strange monkeys in the house! And most of her housemonkeys were ignoring them! Ackackack! She has now thoroughly checked the house, and there are no strange monkeys left. Whew. She's splayed out exhausted next to my desk now, where she can nose me or stick out a paw if she needs to but doesn't actually have to be touching.

And me, I'm in that post-birthday stage of book paralysis, where I want to read everything next. As paralyses go, it's probably my favorite. It comes with a companion paralysis of the really good chocolate variety, which is also very fine.

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