Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of July 23-29

Two rejections.

Just popping in for a minute in the midst of birthday party-related errands (sing it with me: no one will come and there won't be enough food -- though I know there will be enough to drink, because I have just carried it all in from the car) to say: damn, is it ever hot here. I did not collapse on the liquor store counter moaning, "Hot!", because they tend not to sell you your booze when you collapse and moan, I would think. (I do not know this from personal experience. But I wouldn't.) But it was a near thing.

I realize that getting to 100 tomorrow and Monday is the merest bagatelle for some of you. But you know what? I didn't choose to live where you are. I chose to live in Minnesota, where my contact lenses started to freeze to my eyes a couple of times in college. I am so ready for a foot of snow. Seriously, just give me October next, including the blizzard at the end of it. I will dance and sing.

Well, I dance and sing anyway, because I'm like that. But I will dance and sing with a great deal more enthusiasm.

Arright. My glass of water is gone. Back out the door for the cool joys of Byerly's. Have a lemonade for me, folks.

Oh, and hey: does anybody know where you can get good, really densely chocolatey cold chocolate? Not chocolate milk, that's something different. And not anything gritty, and not where half the chocolate falls out of suspension anyway. Much appreciated.
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