Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Granddaughter, Monkey, and Prairiedog

Today I finished doing the familial research for the mystery novel I'm not writing yet -- details about all sorts of things, was it hard to find parking and where did you go dancing and what did you drink at parties. And then I introduced my grandparents to tofu, satay sauce, Chinese green onion pancakes, the Thai version of coconut shrimp, Wild Rumpus Children's Bookstore, and Sebastian Joe's ice cream. I win the best granddaughter award for the week, I swear.

(I am an only grandchild.)

Also we got Ista a new Piggy and a backup new Piggy just in case. Because Piggy was her best toy, and Piggy has gone missing, and it is very sad to be the puppy when your Pig is gone. Now that Grandma bought the new ones, the old one will turn right up.

And I'm just poking my head up before I dive back into storyness and chores and family stuff. More later.

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