Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Day after

Somebody has given me birthday balloons on my user info page. Thanks, somebody! (It's somebody anonymous, so your guess is as good as mine -- or, in at least one case, better.)

And thanks for all those of you who have celebrated or will celebrate with me. It's been good, and I hope for more good yet. Apparently it was my Bearthday: I got The Chains That You Refuse and Blood and Iron in the birthday presents I've opened so far. I'm having a hard time remembering there will be more. I've already gotten such good stuff!

(My great-aunt asked, "How are you going to have time to write any books, with all these books to read?" I tried to explain that people who write books also tend to read a lot of books. Sometimes the world I live in is so filled with books and people who love them that I forget what the rest of the world does.)

I am trying to get my brain to either stop fixating on "Flight of the Paleontologist" or just go with it. Stupid brain. I have the feeling I am never going to like this short story again. It's not the same thing as the story never being good -- not all the time, at least -- but it happens to me sometimes with short stories. Never so far with novels, but I fear it might someday. That would be horrible, to have upwards of 200 pages -- if it was a YA, more for some adult novels -- that I just never liked again. I should stop thinking about it, because thinking about it will do no good. I should just start typing up "In the Velvet Swamp" or poking Sampo some more, and I do still love Sampo, Frankenstein-baby that it is. I keep having the feeling that one of these days I'm going to be able to look at it and say, "Why, you're a lovely swan!" And then I'll remember that swans are nasty, ill-tempered beasts I would never invite into my home in living form. And then I'll find five bucks! Because this is becoming that kind of story, I think.

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