Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Nasty mind gets doughnuts, questions old people. Film at 11.

This morning I'm going to swing through Byerly's for rolls and then go down to the folks'. My grands and my great-aunt and -uncle are staying there right now -- I don't think I've said that in so many words -- and I'm going to talk to my grands about their time in Southern California when they were first married. My grandmother told a story awhile ago about an incident that happened while they were there, when she was working in a laundry, and her story finished, "And they found him, and everyone was so happy, and it all worked out." But in my head, I had already leapt to, "And they found him dead, and then I had to find the killer, and I got embroiled in a web of deadly politics with the labor movement and its opposition and had to rely on guile to save my life and get the killer jailed. And then everyone was so happy, and it all worked out." Possibly this is because I have an unpleasant mind. Anyway, I'm not intending to write this murder mystery yet, but...well. My grands are extremely sharp still, and they have good memories, and I hope it stays that way indefinitely. But better to ask the fiddly detailed questions while I'm thinking of them; better to have the information when I want it than to want it and wish I'd been more prompt about getting it.

(Also doing this bit of research for this book will probably hold off the day when I start writing the next one in earnest, and that's good, because I still have short stories and revisions I want to do. Need to do. Whatever.)

I got spam from Mislaid Tarzan this morning. Has anyone misplaced their Tarzan? Or possibly laid him incorrectly? Anyway, if you're missing a Tarzan, apparently I can help you find him via my spam filter. For the low, low fee of....

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