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So here's what: I'm going to be at MiniCon all weekend. I really doubt that I'll be around and interested enough in my journal to give the weekly report until Sunday night or Monday. I'll also do a con report here then, including my first panel Friday afternoon, be there or be...sensible, possibly.

Here's what else: there are some of you on my friends list I don't know, or else I don't know I know you. Who are you? Why did you friend me? I mean, welcome, I don't mean to be abrupt, I'm just curious. I generally friend people back, with one notable exception: if you post erotica of a type that doesn't interest me in your journal on a regular basis, I'll probably leave you off the "friends" list, not because you're not a nifty person but because it's not really what I read livejournals for. I've found some interesting posts from "friends" I didn't know, but that doesn't tell me most of who or why me. And for those of you I don't e-mail with, do you read my real journal, or just this one?

And here's what else: how automatically do you read the comments on lj posts? If I have an update, will you see it if it's in the comments? Or probably, or probably not, or never?
Tags: random questions

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