Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Fine, actually.

I have posted enough "I feel physically cruddy" stuff in the last year that I just wanted to say, hey, y'know what? I feel fine. And that should not be intoned as a Monty Python reference -- it's not, "I feel fine. I feel happyyyyy. I think I'll go for a walk." It's just...well, fine.

I feel fine enough that my body is working more or less normally again in terms of demanding exercise/activity. For me, this is like getting hungry or sleepy. I get...movement-y. It's related to fidgety, but it's not the same feeling. It's sometimes inconvenient (I hope my body doesn't start demanding two workouts a day regularly the way it did Tuesday -- I have other things I like to do with that time), but it's like food and sleep that way: sometimes your body wants more of them than you want, or wants them at inconvenient times, but if you go a long time without getting hungry or sleepy, you know something's wrong.

(I do not claim that everybody has a physical sensation for needing exercise the way they have for needing food or sleep. Just that I seem to.)

Feeling fine is not usually news, but on the other hand, if you don't mention it and you do mention the times when you feel like warmed-over fewmets, people begin to gather the wrong impression. So I just thought I'd say: having a good body day. Feeling like a reasonable human being. Thought you should know.

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