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Marissa Lingen


I have been pretty deep blue for nearly 24 hours now. I don't know why. I can't think of anything that has happened to cause it -- markgritter is back to work from his vacation, but I don't think that should do it. Dinner didn't help. Ice cream didn't help. Getting hugged and snuggled didn't help. Curling up with a good book didn't help. Sleeping didn't help. Scruffing and playing with the dog didn't help. Working out didn't help. I don't know what. I'm going to poke Sampo, because it's such a bundle of joy and good cheer that it could hardly help but perk me up, right?

Umm. I keep thinking -- I wish I remembered who the interview had been with -- I keep thinking of an exchange from an interview I read some years ago. The interviewer asked, "What question do people ask you most about your books?" And the author said, "Why don't you ever write about nice people?" Interviewer: " a lot of people ask you that?" Author: "No, just my mom. But she asks it a lot." Except it's not my mom, it's part of my brain: "Can we write about nice people for awhile?" Writerbrain: "No." Rest-of-brain: "Please?" Writerbrain: "Let me think about it: no." And truepenny is right, you gotta dance with who brung ya. I don't recall if she phrased it quite that way, but that was where it was going.

I have a bunch of tests with the vertigo specialist today. I am not allowed anything but broth for lunch. I'm not sure what on earth eating non-broth things for lunch would do to their tests, but it's frankly a little alarming. Two of the three procedure sheets for the tests they're doing say, "There may be slight discomfort associated with this procedure -- there should not be any pain." The third doesn't say that. It just says not to eat anything but broth for four hours before the test. I imagine this was not intended to make me nervous.

I'm hoping that I will be up for stopping on the way home to eat something nice and non-broth-like. I can imagine enjoying that. I'm not anhedonic. I'm just blue.
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