Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


timprov and I were supposed to go to the zoo today with ladysea and her mostly-shrimpy entourage. And in fact it looks like we will be doing exactly that, but not under our own power: the car wouldn't start. It started just fine when I went to get us Panera sandwiches to take with for lunch and dropped off library books. Then we got in to go to the zoo, a few minutes early. It makes an unhappy noise and then does not start.


So. ladysea will be picking us up, and we will be taking the car in or having someone else come and fetch it. And really it's been a good car with no problems for so long that I could hardly be annoyed with the car, in fairness. Still: makes one glad one didn't commit to pay for the hugely overpriced basement-renovation job.
Tags: household minutiae, my friends rule

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