Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Busy Sunday

It has been, by recent standards, a busy and eventful day. My dizzy spells came at convenient intervals and did not lead to actual fainting, and everything went more or less as desired. I was able to (!!!) work out this morning (do you know how few kinds of exercise are actually feasible without a sense of balance? very few without extensive planning; I was getting fidgety), and then I could just lie and let the dizzy spell pass while I read a bit of The League of Frightened Men, whom I subconsciously wish to upgrade collectively to gentlemen because apparently that is what comes in leagues. And then timprov and I were able to join laurel and kaustin for a baseball game -- they had tickets, and we're all baseball fans of some degree or another, and we'd never gone to a game together. (In fact, now that I think of it, I'm not at all sure that timprov had met laurel and kaustin in person at all.) So the Twins clobbered the daylights out of the Cubs, and laurel and I sat in the middle and chattered away at each other, and all was well, and being dizzy on the upper deck of the Metrodome was not bad, could have been much worse.

And then timprov and I came home to markgritter, and we all went and got Greek food. And I went to Byerly's, and as I was coming around the corner into the soda aisle, there was a couple trying to fit one more 12-pack of cheap soda into their cart, and the guy said, "Think of it like Jenga, dear!" And I gave them a second look: the woman had a dragon in a triskele on the back of her shirt, and the man had hiragana on his shirt and a ponytail halfway down his back and a beard, and they both wore glasses. It's silly, I know, but I love running into strange members of my tribe at Byerly's. I love making some silly comment about Jenga grocery shopping and watching them take in the funky silver jewelry I'm wearing and the length and, er, lack of regimentation of my hair; I love watching some of the automatic stranger-reaction evaporate in their eyes as they answer something equally brief and equally friendly and equally silly, and we all grin and go on with our lives and our groceries. I really like all that. It wouldn't be nearly as good if I had to actually stop and figure out who we knew in common or otherwise make an attempt to get to know them. It's good to have these people out there unknown to me. It's good that there are worlds and worlds of geekage beyond my own circles, and that they sometimes need to buy goat cheese and cheap pop.

And now I am back to this league of non-gentlemen, and to lying on the couch, but I got to do other things, and will again this week, and so I am cheerful.
Tags: my friends rule, stupid vertigo

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