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One of the interesting things about Scandosotan family dynamics* is that lots of people get cast as "irresistible force" or "immovable object" and are not in direct conflict with each other most of the time. Irresistible force people -- in which Scandosotan family dynamic category I place myself, in case I'm about to be too derogatory -- often make the mistake of thinking that they are winning, when in fact what is happening is that immovable objects aren't fighting them. The part where it gets interesting is when that stops happening for the first time in, say, forty-some years. Even a decade is enough for the results to be quite impressive, once immovable object decides that, really, no, they are in irresistible force's way, and intend to stay there.

This is one of the things that's going to show up in more than one piece of fiction, I think. And it will be interesting to see whether I can build it in so that readers from dissimilar family dynamics can see it, or whether the surface stuff still makes sense but the plate tectonics aren't clear. If I can't do either of those things, I'll have to scrap it and go for something a little different, as there's not much of a way to sell books only to people with taciturn uncles. "This interaction makes no sense!" "Is your uncles' sole conversation on a five-day weekend visit related to gas mileage?" "" "Then it wouldn't, I guess."

It's rare for me to deliberately take real people's character traits and put them into fictional characters. But real relationship traits into fictional relationships? Oh yah. All the time.

I've self-described as an irresistible force person, but I will admit quite readily that there are situations where my reaction is, "Shut your mouth, stick out your chin, and dig your heels in so far that they'd need one of those 'bunker-busters' to get you out of there." There's a reason that one of the Arlo Guthrie lines we quote the most around here is, "I'm not proud. Or tired."

(Even though I am kind of tired. And a little dizzy again. But not still! Again is much better than still.)

*This is characteristic but not unique. I'm not claiming Scandosotans are the only culture to behave this way, just that we do.
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