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July books

Sunday is the beginning of the book ban: in my family, we're not allowed to buy ourselves books for the month prior to our birthdays, so as not to get in the way of presents. (This is mostly because of my grandpa, because he had a nasty habit of going and buying himself everything he wanted the week before Christmas, but it's good discipline for the rest of us as well.) So before then I can get myself stocked up on a bit of reading material, and I'm not sure whether I should aim towards a project of sorts or not. Either in terms of me reviewing the notable bits of what I read, or in terms of having heard me talk about projects and wanting me to move forward on them (or, heck, just being intrigued, I guess), which would you like to see? (Remember, tickyboxes are not radio buttons for a reason: total orderings Bad!)

Poll #754006 month o' books

What'll it be?

a metric buttload of randomly assorted fiction because I like it
Chandler and Hammett until my ears bleed for the Aesir noir novel
a metric buttload of randomly assorted nonfiction because I like it
more Finnish stuff for various projects
more Icelandic stuff for various projects
contemporary Japanese internal history for an extremely snowy book in a different part of the world than my usuals
Richelieu and whatever other eminences grises I can dig up for What We Did to Save the Kingdom, the seven swan brothers book that will actually have bats instead of swans, and probably not seven of them; also something about bats
Europa for a YA SF novel
American 19th century communal utopias for a YA SF novel
American 19th century astronomy and gardening for an adult SF novel
early 1950s Southern California (including but not limited to military base subculture and labor unions and immigration stuff) for a mystery novel
Near Eastern non-Egyptian non-Biblical histories/mythologies for the story that comes after "Silent Teraphim"
more on Greenland for the story that comes after "Heart-Shaped Hole"
prehistoric Canadian geology for Remember What You Say In Dreams; also more Saami stuff if I can get any
something else I've forgotten I mentioned
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