Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

More numbered points

1. Earlier today, timprov was alarmed to hear me say, "That's exactly how the cartoon vultures would sing that song!" ("That song" was "Champagne Supernova.") He had expected to live his life without hearing that sentence. Foolish, foolish timprov.

2. I have had two half-hour periods of non-dizziness today. I think we're going to label that "progress" and hope for more. More! I'm fairly greedy about this, actually. (Right now is not one of them. Sigh.)

3. To quiet the shakes until the second season of "Veronica Mars" comes out on DVD in August, timprov and I have been watching the first season of "Murder One" on DVD. There are many VM-related cravings it doesn't address, but the one it hits is plottiness. There is an overarching series arc that hits every episode, although there are also sometimes episode arcs as well. And DVD is directly responsible for my enjoyment of this art form, because until DVDs were available, an overarching series arc was actively a drawback for me: I could not be bothered to watch a television show every single week, or even to tape it, and if I knew I would have to, I would avoid watching the first few episodes in the first place.

Another really fine thing this show does is that the main character, despite being named Teddy, is a genuine grown-up. Some of the other characters are running into Ethics 101 of their profession (defense attorney), but Teddy has already thought about this crap. And well he should: it would be pathetic if a man somewhere between his late-30s and his mid-50s who had been in this profession more or less since college could still get tripped up on, "But wait, what if I'm defending a guilty person? Oh wailie woe alack!" It's not that his answers are perfect. It's that he's worked out answers that mostly work for him, and when he runs into a problem with them, it's more along the lines of patching a leak than noticing that there is water at all.

4. Does anybody care what I think about revision right now? Because I don't feel much like writing about it if no one wants to read it. Especially because I already have things I've said I wanted to write about here that people did want to read.

5. It is probably time for me to write a new short story. Hmm. As this is about the end of my computer time for the moment, I will think about frogs, as I don't think the frogs will require me to be working on the computer just yet.
Tags: pure silliness, small screen, stupid vertigo

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