Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


This is me not going to Madison for Andrew's wedding today.

This is me not applying to Viable Paradise this year.

This is me not making plans to go to the Bay Area with markgritter yet.

This is me not buying a membership for WorldCon or World Fantasy Con yet.

This is me not in a good mood.

This is me squaring my shoulders and going on with the day. All right, I've already asked you to tell me something good, and I've already asked about dreams. Silly fantasy writer question of the day (which does not make me silly fantasy writer of the day -- you can still vie for that title, some of you): if you got to have one object you currently own invested with magic, what object would it be, and what magic?

Alternately, do you know what your oldest possession is? and why have you kept it for that long?
Tags: my friends rule, random questions, stupid vertigo

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