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I'm sort of back from radio silence: I caught up on my friendspage. Comments that deserve more detailed answers will still have to wait, I'm afraid.

My appointment with my doctor is at 12:45, and we'll talk about other doctors if I need to see them. I'm still dizzy. At this point, I'm doing better than I was Sunday, but I'm still not steady enough to drive myself the 4-5 blocks to the doctor, so if I'm feeling that way at lunchtime, markgritter will drive me. (It's not that I expect that I would definitely lose consciousness in 4-5 blocks. It's that I try not to operate heavy machinery on the theory that probably it will be mostly okay.)

I spent yesterday on the sofa watching "Veronica Mars" Season 1 with timprov. Two more episodes left (so please, please DON'T SPOIL IT). Best use of a sick day ever. cadithial was saying that he'd never seen me act like a fangirl the way I have over this show. This is almost certainly true, and I know why, too, even though I am a total squeeing fangirl. The thing is, TV is not a big thing for me. Current TV is not a factor in my life except for sometimes baseball or hockey games. When we watch TV, it's DVDs, not broadcast TV. (We used to watch "The Daily Show," but after the '04 election, we had pretty much burned out on that, and I don't really miss it, even though I still respect what they're doing and all that.) And movies do not provide the ongoing squee opportunities that entire TV series do. They are single moments -- long single moments, but single moments all the same. Rare is the truly episodic movie series. James Bond probably comes the closest, and while I enjoy a little James Bond now and then, it's not nearly to levels of squee.

And written fiction is my main source of fangirl squee, and written fiction is also what I do; it's also my main source of professional squee. It's also a major area in which I socialize. So if I squirm and make incoherent happy noises about "Veronica Mars," Rob Thomas is not going to stop by -- but if I start in on "OMG <3 Fence!!!", there's pameladean squirming right there. Even if it's someone I don't have dinner with, print fiction writers are immediate to my life the way most TV professionals are not (with the exception of a few writers), and there's enough stuff out there that odds are very low that I would have Enrico Colantoni stopping by going, "Really, you think I'm 'so incredibly good' at what I do? Well, um, gosh. Thanks." (He is, though. Dang.) The fact that I am a fiction writer and socialize with other fiction writers means that quiet appreciation is much more my line than incoherent screams of rapture.

Also, there's the matter of critique-brain. One of the things I have been training my brain to do for years now is to poke at plot and characterization and dialog and [etc. etc. etc.] and see where it falls down and where it needs improvement. I have to be able to do this to sell stories at all. Revision is important. But this sets the bar for squee pretty high. Very few things make it over. Veronica Mars does. It's that good.

I'm going to do a few things around here and then go back to the couch. I'm hoping for more upright-time today, but I just don't know when that'll feel reasonable, and I'm not going to push it if it doesn't. Not pushing it is one of my major goals right now.
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