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The top card on my desk says, "Fix puffins to groan." Did you know that puffins groan? I did not. I thought they would gronk or honk. It's good for writers to have friends who work various interesting places doing various interesting things, so that when the question comes up of what noise puffins make or when the color-band code on resistors became standardized, I know who to e-mail.

I am close enough to done with this revision of this book that I will possibly stop obsessing about puffins soon -- they're really a minor element, I'm afraid -- and, I hope, go back to obsessing about moose. Which are also a minor element. But still important. Also I will continue trying not to think of what novel comes next, because it is not time for that yet. Not not not not. No.

I had written "goddess tag" on a line where it needed to be indicated that a goddess was speaking, but now I'm caught up in trying to think what kind of graffiti a goddess would do. Tangentially, I saw a tiny gold heart around the word "home," sprayed on the sidewalk on a street corner near Sebastian Joe's, and I thought of your books, leahbobet.

The last few days, I've been peckish at breakfast, ravenous at lunch, and radically opposed to the very concept of dinner. While this is better than a permanent opposition to food, and thus an improvement over last week, it is not what we would call convenient. Still, I had lembas fish and bell peppers and raspberries and a double-chocolate-almond cookie for lunch, and it's hard to think ill of that.

(Also, I originally typed "thus an improvement over next week." Because I'm having trouble with time again-still. One of my minor fears is that some editor will think I'm doing something complicated and either really brilliant or really stupid with time in one of my stories, when in fact I just can never keep the words today, tomorrow, and yesterday straight. Watch my verb tense -- that's the only way to tell, if you're not directly involved.)

Finally, yhlee has just asked what key I'm in, and I think I'm in A-flat major. (That's me, not my singing voice.) And you?
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