Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Continuing saga

So. Today is somewhat better than yesterday, on the food poisoning front, but I would not describe myself as feeling up to snuff, tip-top, or any other anachronistic expression for "fine." And aren't you glad I'm not the sort of lj'er to put all the details in here? I knew you were.

Problem is, two of the things on today's original agenda (from, say, Saturday's idea of the week) are not things that can be shifted indefinitely in time. mmerriam is not giving a reading at Dreamhaven "sometime" or "whenever I can get there." mmerriam is giving a reading at Dreamhaven tonight at 6:30. I firmly believe in going to friends' readings to support them (and ideally also to hear the stories!), especially for an early-career reading when you can't just assume that fans will show up en masse. (Not that you can assume that anyway -- that's how I got a pameladean in my life, basically: because the rest of you deadbeats who already know and like her didn't show up at her reading, so it was perfectly easy for some random woman she'd never met to start talking to her and dd_b and lydy after, without feeling awkward about the hordes of friends and fans.) So I would really, really like to do that, if I'm at all able.

Also, my grandmother's birthday is Thursday, and she gets here (to my folks', not here here) on Thursday, and it would be wise of me to have a birthday present no later than -- you guessed it -- Thursday. Even if we don't see them or celebrate Thursday, greykev arrives Friday, and I doubt that I will have much time for/inclination towards running after birthday presents after that. I don't know what to get her, either. She's sure whatever I come up with will be just lovely, and as I keep telling people, that makes one of us.

So. I'm not really sure what to do here. If I drive up to the city, I may strand myself 20-40 minutes from home if things deteriorate. On the other hand, time is of the essence here. (And for once, better public transit is not the answer: I've had to get off BART to go be sick in a BART station bathroom, and it was not, shall we say, the best afternoon of my life. Again, aren't you glad of the lack of detail there!) And sadly, my grandmother doesn't want anything to be had at Dreamhaven or even -- most unreasonable of her all around, I realize -- at Phoenix Games across the street. So I can't just do one and call it good for the next few days.

I may do a trial run to a nearby store and see how that goes. Hmm. That sounds sensible, actually, and if they have something for Grandma's birthday, so much the better, right?
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