Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of May 14-20

One acceptance, nothing else. I will have to write some more short stories when I've finished reading through this draft of The Mark of the Sea Serpent, just so I can have something else in circulation. Not that I am devoid of circulating items now, mind you. They're just now...well...very circulatory.

(I wrote the first page of another Carter Hall story in the car yesterday. I think this one is "Carter Hall Goes to the Boards." It's the one with Deirdre of the Sorrows in it, and therefore the one for careswen. But that's really not what I should finish first.)

And speaking of the car yesterday, we drove up north a bit, so I can verify that cadithial and lj-less-C. were married yesterday, and that I have never seen a bridal couple look happier. I've seen several look equally happy, but none happier. "Overflowing with joy," while clichéed, is not an inappropriate description.
Tags: carter hall, my friends rule, scorekeeping
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