Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of July 18-24

Two rejections this week, one acceptance. I remember saying that I'd be happy with that ratio. I still am.

Finished "Docile Bodies" and worked on Sampo draft and Thermionic Night edits. And actually took my day off on Sunday like I was supposed to. (And will again tomorrow.)

Minneapolitans, reminder: my birthday picnic is tomorrow lunchtime and after. If you're coming, that's when you should come, and I don't have to know you well (or even recognize you in person) to welcome you. I've said noon, but we'll probably get there a little early to secure picnic tables etc. We are unlikely to look for you there early unless you've indicated that you might get there early. So if you're going to be there earlier than noon, please either let me know to look for your faces or please please look for ours.

I have already had a Godiva chocolate from the box Dave and Lin (markgritter and seagrit's parents) sent, because one doesn't ruin good chocolate just because it's not the proper day. And I have been taken to lunch by C.J.'s mom, because she wouldn't be able to return for tomorrow. And just now I got serenaded over the phone: "Hap' birffay, Missa!" says Roo, and then he sings, "Hap' birffay you, happy birffday, you, hap' birfay -- no! No, Nellnuhnor!" Or something like that. It was a very good serenade. porphyrin promises me the encore tomorrow.

markgritter and I have already been to the farmer's market and will be going to Byerly's in a few minutes, and then I'll be cooking and baking and cooking and baking.

My birthday itself is Monday. But family policy is clear on this matter: much celebration required.
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