Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Monday morning, reporting in

Yesterday markgritter and I visited porphyrin and Mike and Robin's new church. The pastor talked about praying, "Surprise me, God!" This makes me think of the interpretation of the Lord's Prayer that we were taught when I was a wee little Lutheran: that we were being taught to ask that God's will be done not because it won't be if we don't ask but that we should be in accordance with it. Main point of my theology is that God is love, so of course we're going to be daily knocked on our butts by it. Love is like that. You can plan for it if you want to, but mostly that's to fill the time while you wait to be knocked on your butt in some way you didn't plan on.

Theology with Mrissa: now with more butts!

Writing books is like that, too, consistently knocking one on one's butt. And I love writing books. So there you have that.

Also porphyrin & co.'s pastor had to ask me if I was a theology student. Of course. Because any time I speak to a clergybeing who doesn't know me, they have to ask if I'm a theology student. It's a rule. I think next time I'm in a strange house of worship where they have, "Hello, my name is" badges, I will write, "not a theology student" on mine. Except Not-A-Theology-Student is an even worse name than Echidna-Warrior, so maybe not. (I was music-geeking! I wasn't even theology-geeking! It was not my fault!)

Today's goals:
--finish Chapter 14, lots of sea battle
--go to Walgreen's and Hallmark
--make sure parental abode has not burned to the ground in their absence
--take timprov for back improvement and juice and/or Julius
--schedule medical appointment

ETA: I win at today.

I could reasonably do other things, and in fact I hope to. (Like eating and sleeping, for example.) But that's the main backbone of the list.
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