Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of April 30-May 6

One rejection.

Chapters yet to draft: 12, 14

Number of fiddly bits to retrofit: none!

I am not going to spend the rest of the day writing this book and trying to get it finished. I could finish it in the next two days, if I wanted to. But my life has other things in it. I'm going to work moderately on Chapter 12, and then I'm going to give my back a break and do some useful things around here and have an early dinner with markgritter and go to my first Minn-StF meeting.

Still: book. Book good.

And it's a good thing I like the feeling of finishing books, because it's overcoming all the apprehension that goes with it: when I finish this, I realio trulio have to dig in and finish the revisions on Sampo, and otherwise I might be spooked by that. But -- book! New book! So soon done!
Tags: dead vikings are lots of fun

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