Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


Chapters yet to draft: 12, 14, 17

Number of fiddly bits to retrofit: 3

Well. I should make that kind of comment more often. Let's try it again: certainly I will have no time for working on the book this evening! Due to life and so on! With all of the et ceteras!

The only drawback to this stage of bookness is that I can't work on sections of it longhnd away from the computer any more, because there's just not enough wide open space to fit pieces into.

One of the good things about this stage of bookness is that it's very easy to squish nagging doubts and move on: is this right? Do I need to go into this part more? Does something else need to happen here? Never mind that -- I will see it all more clearly when I reread the whole thing, red pen in hand! And then again when someone else does!

It's coming kind of short. Not terminally short for a YA. But still short. Well, there'll be room if anything needs to be added at length, and if not, the short end of a category's normal range is not a bad thing.

Tags: dead vikings are lots of fun

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