Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Flowers and relief

Happy May Day, Communists, pagans, Joseph Heller fans, and people who like little baskets of goodies! Last year I was missing May baskets. This year I still am, but I'm pretty worn out, to the point where I pondered doing one for Mom now that she lives close, and decided not. I made a cake for her and Dave's birthdays. Cake is good.

Airport runs, bah and humbug.

We had a good weekend, I think. markgritter and I took his parents to Minneapolis Institute of Art's annual Art in Bloom event. It was very cool. They invite flower-arrangers to pick out a painting or sculpture or other objet d'art from the MIA collection and do a floral arrangement to interpret, reinterpret, or complement it. One or two were terminally lame, but most of them were interesting at least, and some were spectacular. We're definitely going back next year.

I also started reading swan_tower's Doppelganger, and it is with some relief that I note: I like it! It's not that I doubted swan_tower's writerly powers in specific. It's that whenever you know someone -- particularly when you don't know them all that well -- and you read your first example of one of their's nerve-wracking. You don't know whether you'll be able to say something nice or whether you will have to remain conspicuously silent and not pick up the sequel when it comes out. All sorts of people are nice, sensible people who seem like they have reasonable notions about writing, and then you pick up one of their books, and oof. And when the book is already published, there's nothing you can do about it -- when it's unpublished, you can gently suggest that having a Southern Baptist character kneeling before a crucifix and praying the rosary is not really the thing, or that a sentence may not need quite that many adverbs. When it's published, all you can do is wince and check the spine, wondering who edited it (and feeling fairly sure you can name at least a couple of people who did not).

But swan_tower is not in the wince-cringe-change-the-subject category, and while I'm not yet done with Doppelganger, I can tell you that I'm eager to see what happens to the characters, and that I would recommend it to high-fantasy readers. Yay! It is not a rule that people I like must write books I like, but it's a good thing when it does happen.
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