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Marissa Lingen

Grimly and copper and titles and Bert

I am coming to the part of this book where "said Soldrun grimly" is going to have to be expunged a million times in the next draft. She says a lot of stuff grimly. That's kind of how it goes. I could fuss about it now, or I could just write it down and move on to the next bit and handle it in revisions. It's one of those things that goes remarkably easily in revisions, not like getting the timing of character deaths wrong by a decade or more, or neglecting to write major plot points. (She said, carefully not looking at the manuscript of Sampo.)

Speaking of which, I was thinking about alternate titles for Sampo again. I was hoping to find something that went with Thermionic Night and Midnight Sun Rising a bit more, but so far Copper Mountain is all I've got. I like it because it's not only the traditional/mythical name of the place where most of the book takes place, but also refers to all the copper wire being strung about it over the course of the book currently known as Sampo. I'm not sure, though.

All the other ideas I've come up with have sounded like short story titles to me. Do you draw distinctions? Are there things you think make fine short story titles and terrible novel titles? Can you articulate why, or at least give examples?

My allergies are still rather miserable, but seem to be tapering off a bit with the rain. My aunt and uncle are down at my folks' house already. markgritter's folks are coming to town tomorrow, and my grands will make it up from New Ulm sometime Sunday. (They're going to a wedding there this weekend.) And markgritter's post of the best Ernie and Bert bit ever made me laugh so hard I fell over. (But has Bert always been from the East Coast? Did no one warn me? I just thought he talked funny when I was little, like any other Muppet talked funny, not like, you know, a specific talking funny.)
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