Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Backbrain vs. Frontbrain

Backbrain: Sometimes it's good to take a break from writing to make bread.
Frontbrain: Yes, because then you have time to mull over the parts of the book that aren't working!
Bb: Naw, because then you have bread.
Fb: Oh. And the old church cookbook reminds you to appreciate your predecessors!
Bb: Naw, reminds you how much baking powder to put in.
Fb: Okay, okay...but the oven, the oven is the revision process, where input from smart readers and editors makes the whole thing --
Bb: The oven is the hot place where you put the bread to bake.
Fb: *sighs*

Fb: *perks up* You know, you're right.
Bb: Yep.
Fb: It doesn't all have to be about the writing.
Bb: Darn tootin'.
Fb: In fact, I bet the bread could be symbolic of lots of stuff in life.
Bb: Oh, probab--hey! Sometimes I hate you, you know that?
Fb: Yes, but without me you wouldn't have the accidentally magic puffins with the salted tails.
Bb: The salted tails were totally because of the guy at coffeeem's lj.
Fb: The rest is the writerbrain, though. And you know you love the puffins.
Bb: It is not fair to bring the puffins into this.
Tags: dead vikings are lots of fun, stupid brain tricks

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