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This morning I got to the end of my paper journal. I wrote the last sentence of The Mark of the Sea Serpent in it -- not the last sentence to be written on the rough draft, but the sentence that comes chronologically last in the rough draft. (Those of you who are new around here: I am not really capable of writing books in order. I skip around. It seems to be a compulsion, and whenever I think I've been writing something mostly in order, I always have to go back and put more stuff in the early chapters. Not just fleshing out of stuff but plot details. Puffins. Puffins! Yarg!)

I'm close enough to the end of this draft that my subconscious wants it to be done with the end of this paper journal. No such luck. Ah well.

I thought I had another of the kind of journals I like, but it turns out I had one unlined, one spiral-bound, and two large ones (the kind I used to like, when I was writing all of every rough draft in my journal and went through them faster). A paper journal for me right now must be lined, flat-bound, and small enough to fit in my (large) purse, without being so small that I can only fit a paragraph and a half on each page. Excessively girly journals are also right out, as are journals that are going way, way out of their way not to be girly. Journals with lots of textured objects are no good, because the textured objects will fall off or snag on things or get really ratty as I use the thing. Similarly, pale covers that are easily marked up are no good either, because they will get marked up, and not in a charming way, but rather in the "your friend's 2-year-old grabbed your handbag and now you can't get his bodily fluids off your journal" way.

So I went to B&N, since it was in the local strip mall where I was attempting to buy timprov a new chair (we'll see how that went when he is awake and can try it -- he gave me his parameters, but the tallest person in the store was 5'10", so I couldn't double-check my eye for these things, and why do we live in Minnesota if the tallest person in a store is only going to be 5'10"? what is this place Minnesota for? ahem, anyway, moving on). I got a journal in very un-Mrissish greens and oranges with a magnetic closure flap I'm pretty sure will demagnetize before I've finished using the journal, but it had such a charming line drawing of a Chinese dragon that I couldn't resist: line-drawing! Chinese dragon! C'mon, people! Also I got a dark burgundy one with a gold tree on it that could in no way be Ilmarinen's or Yggdrasil, which I find restful. Lots of things that aren't Yggdrasil are restful, actually. And I got a black leather one that was of medium firmness, because it felt like it would be lighter than most of my journals, and I got my first Moleskine. The Moleskine was in plastic, and now that I've unwrapped the plastic, it's already made me roll my eyes and go, "Oh, puh-leeeeze" twice, and I haven't even started writing in it. (There is a space to put a monetary reward for return in the front cover. Oh, puh-leeeeze. And there is a history of Moleskines in the back flap. Oh, puh-leeeeze. Are we taking ourselves a weeeee bit seriously? I think we are.) And yet it looks durable, and I like the elastic hold-closed-bit, so I don't throw my keys down the middle of my journal yet again. (Several of my past journals have smudges where I did this.)

I don't know which I'll use first. None of them has numbered the pages for me, or I'd use that one first. (I use page numbers for later reference in my notes. I number my journals as well as dating them. This will be No. 26. If I was feeling like an ambitious slacker, I'd pull quotes for April 24 from 1997 to this year, but I'm feeling either more ambitious or less slack than that. Still: new journal day! Hooray!
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