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Still hot if

There was a commercial on the radio complaining about the heat, and then asking in a sly voice if you didn't wish you were lacking those extra pounds around the middle, so you could go out and frolic in the heat comfortably?

As a self-appointed representative of skinny people, let me assure all fat people reading this: if you're skinny, it's still hot. It's still damned hot. It's still humid. It is still, in fact, not comfortable. If you decide you would like to lose weight in a sensible and healthy fashion, that's your choice, but you will not -- please trust me here -- change the climate. You know how some people will joke about their own size that they have their own gravitational well or their own climate system? They're joking. And I've gotten overheated and swoony when friends more than twice my weight were a little perspirational but otherwise fine, so -- no. It's just not like that.

This commercial went on to suggest that you should come to their center so that you wouldn't have to do "exercise that might get you injured." I have heard weight-loss centers imply that their listeners dislike exercise before, but implying that it's dangerous is new on me. Blech, blech, blech.

I heard this commercial on the way to the PO (do I like currant jelly? I guess we'll find out) and the video store. One of the few things of importance that disappeared with Mark's computer's death was my list of movies people had recommended that I see. So now it consists of:
"Uncorked" (tanaise)
"Remains of the Day" (elisem)
"School of Rock"
"Pirates of Penzance"

Want to add to it? That's what the comments section is for.

Well, one of the many things.
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