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Religious and sartorial

I hope those of you who are celebrating Passover have a good one. My own religious observances have gone almost entirely non-traditional this year: Maundy Thursday will involve sharing a meal with friends, but likely not bread, and possibly not wine, either, depending on what they have at Cambodian restaurants. (Insert Haugean rant about beer and Twinkies here.) Good Friday has been eaten whole by Minicon. markgritter and I will go to church Easter morning, but then I'll go back up to the con. Probably no Easter Dinner per se -- no guests, no plans to go anywhere, and no intentions of roasting some large hunk of meat whole. No Easter Egg Hunt -- I mean, I could hide treats for missista, but I don't think she'd really get what it had to do with Jesus. (Umm. Now that I bring it up....) I will probably listen to "Jesus Christ Superstar" today, tomorrow, or Friday morning, though, so that's a pretty important observance for me, and one it's easy not to miss. (This is where the whole "devout but not orthodox" thing comes in.) At worst, I can listen to it on my way to the con hotel.

I spent a chunk of this time of year explaining to half the people in my life that, yes, they knew it was Easter, that's why they scheduled the convention then (so that people would have time off), and then turning around and explaining to the other half that, yes, it actually is a religious holiday for me, not just for my relatives.

We are in that time-honored stage of pre-con time, the "ack! what do I wear?" stage. The weather appears cooperative enough, because I don't want to wear wintry things. What I really want is for cpolk to be my fairy godmother and wave her wand over her patterns and come out with a beautiful blue sundress and maybe a green A-line skirt and maybe (if I had been working really hard in the ashes) something full-skirted and red. Also, while you're at it, the sparkly unicorn that shoots rainbows out its horn and...wait, this phrasing is where I got myself into trouble before. It does not help that I would prefer not to wear jeans and a T-shirt to the Thursday dinner we've just added to the agenda. I think this is a "when in doubt, look at the jewelry" situation. Hmmmmm.
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