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I found my oven squirrel! And my egg timer: I kept not buying an egg timer because I knew we had an egg timer, dammit, it was just a matter of finding the silly thing. It turns out I never moved it out of my parents' house (nor my oven squirrel). I also found some juvenilia that will be coming home with me, the last (and only) letters I got from my Gran, a Lego model of the ship we took from Stockholm to Helsinki when I was ten, and maybe something gaaldine will laugh at if I can get it cleaned up and sent for her birthday.

My parents are not big hoarders or big clutterers, but even so, we moved into this house after four previous years of one move per year, so lots of Things In Boxes have been ignored for the last 15 years they've lived here. They could theoretically continue ignoring them, but they don't really feel like paying someone to move an empty address book with geese all over it that was a gift from someone when I was 14 and will never be used by a member of our immediate family anyway.

Plans for the rest of the day include more archaeology sorting of past lives, with a break for ice cream and hot tub and playing with my cousin's kiddo, Noah, who is 2 and has Opinions.

Also, my dad is telling a story about this guy he works with being confused about the difference between hummus and haggis. We Are Amused.
Tags: family, household minutiae
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