Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


Ohhhh, am I productive girl or what. So far:
--ate breakfast and lunch
--caught up on e-mail and lj
--read newspaper and some of The Knight
--washed dog and self
--cleaned up after sick dog
--calmed sick dog
--worked out
--hard-boiled eggs
--sorted dragons and carried box of dragons to basement
--picked up prescription
--deposited check and got cash back (markgritter, you should maybe thief some money from my purse before I go)
--bought April birthday cards and baby-themed wrapping paper
--bought groceries
--sorted out PayPal idiocy
--bought prints for in kitchen
--made notes for a story I'm not writing
--worked on The Mark of the Sea Serpent

I think I might have done some other stuff, but it kind of gets lost in the shuffle. I will poke MSS some more, and then wrap Amber's presents and pack up the box, take it to the PO, go to my ENT appointment, and have coffee with one person and dinner with another.

I hope tomorrow isn't quite so productive, frankly. Unless naps count.

ETA: See? See how much more efficient I am than you? Many of you would have done "walk down the stairs" and "black out and lose your footing" as separate tasks. But by multitasking, I have managed to combine them and work in "fall down half flight of stairs and wrench shoulder": three for one!

Let that be a lesson to you slackers.
Tags: stupid vertigo, to done

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