Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Three tired things

--I went to get timprov a sandwich before I go to bed (he doesn't drive these days, for those of you who didn't keep score on that issue, so that's why he didn't go get his own sandwich), and I shocked the middle-aged Hispanic gentleman working the drivethrough: I had my long coat on and buttoned, and a short nightgown underneath it, so all he could see from the window was my coat and my bare legs peeking out from under the coat. He averted his eyes with a polite and pained look. Poor fellow.

--I really, really hate it when medical personnel use the phrase "insurance might not cover it" in tones that convey threat instead of information. The subtext should be "just want to make sure you know before you make that decision" rather than "so just shut up and do it like everyone else even if that way doesn't work for you, because it's way easier for me."

--I like being smart, and I also like being clever, but they are definitely not the same thing. I am going round and round with "Flight of the Paleontologist" because it's about balancing accurate and appealing information in science journalism for the lay person. (Sounds thrilling, right? But there are dinosaurs. Relevant dinosaurs, even.) But my brain has gone and plotted a short story playing with Eudora Welty and the Grateful Dead and dwarves, all without my consent. (Title: "Why I Live in the Silver Mine.") Clever, probably; probably not particularly smart, however. Stupid brain.
Tags: full of theories, sick and wrong, social fail

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