Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Thoroughly productive

Before lunch, I had already made a pan of bars, a double-batch of chili, and the beginnings of cheese. The cheese obviously won't be ready for a few days, but the other two things mean that all I have to do about dinner is whip up a batch of cornbread and decide whether to roast asparagus or toss a salad. I love the crockpot.

I also did a bunch of non-food stuff, paying bills and firing our snow removal guy and exercising and putting together a submission package for a new short story and finishing The Habsburgs: Embodying Empire. (It is a really, really sad thing when the historian keeps trying to tell the reader that members of a dynasty weren't as stupid as everyone thought they were, and his evidence of that point is pretty shaky.) I've also read half of the first volume of Moberg's Swedish history, and I'm not enjoying it quite as much as the second volume, but it's still interesting and fun. And I'm poking The Mark of the Sea Serpent and enjoying it, and soon I will go to the chiropractor. It's one of those days with lots of stuff happening, none of it grand and dramatic. So far. If anyone has anything good and grand and dramatic to visit upon me, please do.

It's missista's first spring, and she seems to be a fan so far. There is a lot of stuff in the backyard that really needs smelling, apparently. I like spring better here than anywhere else in the world, which still puts it third on my total ordering (I know, I know) of seasons. But I'm ready to wear different clothes again, so I suppose it can go on with being spring. Not that I could stop it.
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