Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of July 11-17

One rejection. No acceptances. I did, however, get my check and contributor's copies from Neo-Opsis, lovely Canadians that they are. It's a well-put-together mag, I think; my grandma will be happy to have one for her coffee table. (Last time we were home, she said to me, "And you'd be surprised how many people just pick them up and read them!" Well, no, I probably wouldn't, as I am friends with the type of people who compulsively pick things up and read them. Cereal boxes and toothpaste tubes and all. It's not that I really care what they say. It's just, you know, words. Written down. Must--read--words----)

minnehaha B. swore Monday that one can fake Finland but not France, but I read some more Finnish history this week anyway, and filed away titles of other volumes to get when I'm writing The Winter Wars. (timprov thinks it's slightly crazy of me to have a YA prequel to an adult series in mind, but I can't help what the books are in my head, and they stand alone, and if Madeleine L'Engle can do it, it can obviously be done. To be fair, he hasn't said that he thinks I can't do it. He just thinks it's a little nuts, or did last we talked about it. Do you?)

I also worked on Sampo and "Docile Bodies," and if my contact lens starts behaving itself only slightly better, I'll finish "Docile Bodies" today and polish it and ship it off soon soon. And then I'll have another SF story out. I've been writing more fantasy -- I've been more excited about reading fantasy, not conceptually but in terms of what's actually on the stands -- but I do love SF, too, and it would probably be wise to keep trying with markets that have bought pieces from me before. Like, say, Analog and Oceans of the Mind. Seems wise.

I am not always good at doing what is wise.
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