Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


I am violently allergic to birch trees. Good thing I live in Minnesota, huh? Umm.

I am not allergic to timprov, thankfully (markgritter and T's dad are both allergic to timothy, so we've joked about it), and I am only mildly allergic to dogs, which means not much if at all to poodles. Dust mites strongly (and we have stuff to do about that), and oaks mildly. Not mistletoe, though, so anyone who suspected I might be Baldr...uhh, right. Anyway. The backyard is oaks and birch and a few poplars, but the allergist says it doesn't matter if we tear them out, because this is Minnesota, and other people have them in quantity. So.

The allergist suspects that I have atypical allergic reactions that might explain both the dysosmia and the fatigue, but we will have to see if the treatment of them works. I'll check in with him again in a month. He was also wry and funny on the subject of Minnesotans and stoicism/health care.

I have more to say today, but I know some of you were waiting on news here.
Tags: nose knows, sick and wrong, true north strong and slightly less free
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