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I went to lunch with my mother, and there was a farm produce tent in the corner of the parking lot. So I went to buy tomatoes and corn while my mom was taking care of some last things in the restaurant. The kid working in the tent squinted at my fitted Gustavus baby T and said, "Do you have a kid who went to Gustavus?"

I took off my sunglasses and gave him a good hard look. He started to squirm. I said, "I'm 26 years old. So no, I don't have a kid at all, much less one who went to Gustavus."

My mom walked up, and I said, "This guy wants to know if I have a kid who went to Gustavus." My mom said, "No, but I do." And the girl who was ringing me up said brightly, "Oh, do you really?"

So Mom and I gave her the same good hard look together until she noticed the age difference and similarity in facial features and said, "Oh, you!"

I think if I was just a bit older, I might feel blue about this -- oh woe and alack, I must look old old old. As it is, I just think, gosh, you must have to be brilliant to sell things in the farm produce tent.

Then I started doing the math, how old I would have to be to have a kid who had graduated from Gustavus. If the kid was the 14-year-old wunderkind type (Gustavus is not the sort of school kids attend if they're going to college at 12: too far from home), and it was the 4-year degree, and I had had the kid at 14, I would still need to be a little over six years older than I am. Then I started thinking about that person's life, who that person would have to be to be me-now-but-with-a-12-year-old. I just couldn't get there from here. I can imagine living on the moon more easily than I can imagine what it would have been like to be myself in those circumstances. I kind of like the character, though. Worth my time to jot a few notes.

I finished reading my Kate Wilhelm comfort mystery, and it served its purpose; now I'm back to swearing at Libra and actually working on my own book. (Don DeLillo is Not My Cuppa. We now know this.) I also have four novels and a ton of short fiction to read before the Hugo voting comes around on the guitar. Errr, comes around at the end of the month. (It would occasionally be useful to go an entire day without making a reference to any member of the Guthrie family. Arlo, Woodie...even Abe or Sarah. It would be nice. I do not, however, plan on it happening soon.)

I just got a message saying, "Urge your rep to vote yes on hate crimes."! I'd like to have no hate crimes, please! Vote against them!

I also keep getting spam that says "be hung for a woman." Is this like "may as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb?" "May as well be hung for a woman as for a girl?" Oh, wait, that's hanged. Well, never mind then.

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