Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Status report

I am baking cinnamon rolls so that I can just heat one in the microwave tomorrow morning instead of actually having to bake them. Hypoglycemia is not all sunshine and roses, my dears. Oh, wait: I believe it's entirely devoid of both sunshine and roses. Well, crud. (I would like to go out for breakfast with people more often. But it would probably be my second meal of the day, unless someone is going to show up at 6:00 here, which isn't likely and we don't expect it.) Still, cinnamon rolls, 30 seconds of nuking, hurrah.

markgritter's flight was delayed to the point where he had to stay an extra night in the scenic Bay Area. Where he has spent the last week. We just want him home. We are trying to be grown-ups about this. What's one more night? (Answer: one more night is one more night.)

One of our family members has had a very up-and-down week, with a type and level of concern that makes us grateful he's still around to have ups and downs at all tonight. We're still waiting for more news on that front and hoping for it to be good.

The book is still a very nice good book, and Chapter 7 arrived more or less fully formed. Short, but fully formed. (Those of you who think this means I have chapters 1-6 written have not been around here long, or else were not paying attention.) One of the weird things about this book is that I have the urge to write the beginnings and endings of the chapters. Usually I am terrible about those bits and only get them looking right on the second draft. (Oh, ho ho. Second. If I'm lucky.)

Tomorrow I will tell you why I quit reading the books I quit reading this week. Tonight I have finished my boysenberry sorbet (SO GOOD) and taken the cinnamon rolls out of the oven, and there is not going to be a Mark at the airport, so I'm going to start to wind down. By which, of course, I mean that I'm going to fall over on my face.
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