Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Revising with Word

I was looking at a story to do some revisions requested by a lovely happy market this morning, and I realized that MS Word had underlined the last word in the sentence, "Neither do I." Sure enough, it wanted me to write, "Neither do me." And for a minute I thought that was the answer to, "Does X do you, or does Y?" But that's, "Neither does me."

Thousands of kids -- and adults -- trust this thing to make their sentences go. Uff da. This makes my head ache when I think of it. Mostly I try not to think of it.

But hey, revisions requested, and they look like they're going to make the story better or no worse, so I'm doing them, and we'll see how it goes. (For a good market, I'll do revisions that make a story no worse, just different. But I won't make a story worse for any market I can think of.) And as I reread it, I like this story. I like the things it does, and I like the things it doesn't do, and the revisions they asked for aren't going to change either one of those things. So. Excelsior and all that.
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