Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Those Days

I have to write about four paragraphs of "Tusk and Skin" before it's done. Naturally, they are not the last four paragraphs. They are, however, consecutive paragraphs, which makes it harder, not easier -- when I'm left with four paragraphs of connective tissue, it never takes any time at all. This is four paragraphs of climactic action. Bah, climactic action.

Tomorrow morning is my last dose of antibiotics for this sinus infection, and then we will see if I bounce back entirely when I am off the antibiotics or if I need to go see the allergist. At this point I will just be glad not to be on antibiotics any more, because they are pretty clearly kicking my butt. I am no longer having quite such bad stomach cramps as I did this morning, but it's still not the most fun day ever for being a Mris. But it could be much worse, so.

Nearly two months ago when I asked you-all what to write about when I was doing the sleep-dep EEG, somebody asked what words I like the sound of. For some reason my brain just offered "chrysanthemum" on this front. Also "lycanthropy," for similar reasons, I suppose. And "heuristic." And "boing."

Yes, I'm afraid it's one of those days.
Tags: full of theories, pure silliness, random questions, sick and wrong

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