Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Not particularly manic Monday. Nor depressive Monday, but that's not a song.

So we had a very small birthday party for timprov last night. We didn't know what he'd be up for when we planned it, and even feeling much better, he didn't have the energy to deal with a large party. So we didn't invite many (most) of the people we like here. It was about the right size for none of us past and present sickies to implode at the peopleness, and the leftovers are quite manageable. I was pleased. (I forgot to keep taking pictures once people showed up, though, which is pretty typical of me.)

Dr. porphyrin confirms that the antibiotic they have me on for this sinus infection is something of a big-gun medication, and she is not at all surprised that it's kicking my butt. I just want it to keep kicking the sinus infection's butt, too. It's hard for me to tell right now whether it isn't working or whether I've got a small cold on top of the sinus infection. Nothing to do but finish out the course of antibiotics, I guess, and see what ensues. I am heartily sick of eating yogurt and cranberries. I would be even less pleased with the result of being on super antibiotics and not eating yogurt and cranberries, however, so on we go with them. I bought different kinds of yogurt at Byerly's on Saturday, just in case that will help, but I'm dubious. I think I'm just sick of yogurt. My mom has suggested smoothies, but I think I'm going the opposite route: stirring in Grape Nuts. Very tart lemon yogurt with Grape Nuts is a great goodness.

I'm taking timprov in for his doctor's appointment this morning, following up on the hospital visit and talking to her about all the things that have gotten better since. greykev will go home sometime today, when it seems like time for him to go home. I am wearing "Messengers" in my ears, which seems to me to be giving in to the inevitable for the day's work (The Mark of the Sea Serpent).

Last night I dreamed that the US lost their bronze medal match (women's hockey, naturally). It was a nice dream, though, because I was on the phone to ksumnersmith giving each other color commentary, and we were being The Funny like we are sometimes. Night before last, I dreamed I had flown to Boston, and buymeaclue and the yellowdog were picking me up at the airport, and we were going to see alecaustin and columbina and orbitalmechanic and secritcrush and tanaise. buymeaclue wants me to make that a prophetic dream. It was certainly a pleasant one, and if I hadn't been seeing some good local people yesterday, I would have been annoyed to wake up yesterday morning. Still, sweet friendly dreams are far preferable to some of the other kind I've had in the not-too-distant past.

I'm going to stop blathering and get on with it.
Tags: dead vikings are lots of fun, icy death potential, my friends rule, sick and wrong, so juicy sweeeeet, timprov

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