Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
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Some of you have noticed the new journal title and subtitle, and apparently it needs an explanation.

See, my printable superhero name, according to timprov, is the Non Sequitess. And we have been joking for quite some time now that if Wonder Woman flies an invisible airplane*, the Non Sequitess rides an Invisible Segway. When the transitions in my trains of thought get particularly opaque, we have started making the Segway handlebar gesture -- he to indicate that I have gone riding off on an invisible segue again, I to indicate that I know I have and will either explain in a minute or accept that it was totally random-looking from the outside.

After a conversation with a lot of associative leaps the other day before he went to bed, we started joking that I had gone beyond just riding my Invisible Segway and had taken up trick-riding. And the other meanings of barnstorming -- not just stunt flying or exhibition sports events but also political speeches, lectures, and theatrical performances -- seemed particularly appropriate. So here we are.

*I still maintain that flying an invisible airplane is wayyyyy too close to the boundary between supercool and totally nutbar. Suuuuure, lady. You'll just hop right in your invisible airplane. You do that.
Tags: pure silliness

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