Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of January 29-February 4

Two rejections. Slow month, this January. Probably should push through another short story just to have something more making the rounds, but that "should" is from a mailing standpoint only and does not factor in physical or mental health, so there you have that.

One of you (clear back in the mists of time with the sleep dep night) told me to write about hot boys. Here is what I know about dealing with hot boys: Children's Tylenol and cool cloths. Maybe entire cool baths if they're hot enough. Maybe popsicles. Same as for hot girls. If it's over a certain level, take 'em in and let the pediatrician reassure you.

Perhaps this is not what was intended by the question.

Possibly a little closer to the intent: I'm always baffled by people being able to cast their whole books with Hollywood actors, in the memes that relate thereto. My characters don't look like that. Even the ones I think of as being attractive to many of the other characters just...don't look like that. I'm also baffled by people who take a character's statement about another character's appearance as though it was universal and objective fact. I don't know why a reader would believe me if I said in authorial voice that a character was attractive, because a lot of people don't seem to believe me in real life when I say real people are attractive, and I don't believe them when they say people are attractive, so...where are we left here? With serious credibility issues, is where.

When I'm working on Thermionic Night and Sampo, it doesn't matter if I think Sohvi Vääräniemi is the hottest thing since fresh popcorn or plug-ugly -- what matters is that Edward Holliwell thinks she's the sex goddess of the western hemisphere and everyone else thinks she's kind of plain but they'd better not mess with her because she has other things to rely on than her girlish charms.

Most of the men I think are very attractive are not people who have to step carefully lest they trample the swooning people under their feet. So they don't have that, "yes, yes, worship my used tissues" attitude you see in pictures of some models and movie stars. It doesn't make a huge difference in how they go about their lives. Any "hot boys" in my fiction are probably like that, too.
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